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Executive Leadership Development Program

Program Overview

The NAMIC Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP) targets upper-middle level executives of color whose performance and potential point them toward future senior executive positions. The program was created to meet several important goals:

  • Help identify and nurture high-potential executives of color
  • Build and strengthen their skills, preparing them for promotion to more senior positions
  • Provide useful tools to help them meet the unique challenges that confront professionals of color who occupy key industry roles
  • Assist industry companies' retention efforts for executives of color

Since the fall of 2012, the University of Virginia Darden School of Business has been NAMIC's academic partner for ELDP. Darden consistently ranks in the Top Five global business schools for course design and faculty, considered by NAMIC to be of vital importance. Darden was selected to reimagine executive preparedness and success in an emerging global, digital marketplace, building on the program's decade of proven success since 2001 at the UCLA Anderson School of Management.

ELDP is unique in its focus on both men and women of color, and its research-anchored exploration of the intersection of business-critical leadership competencies with cultural identity. The program is designed to help solve some of the industry's most persistent diversity challenges: increasing the diversity of the industry's executive suites; retention of executives of color; and maximizing the ROI of a diverse workforce in a business environment that demands strategic leadership agility and creative innovation.

The curriculum has been shaped to consider the unique challenges faced by executives of color throughout their careers, and delves into the critical performance competencies that any successful executive in this industry must master. During four visits to Darden, spanning a seven-month program arc, ELDP class members will explore topics required for strategic agility and sustainable success in the ever-changing, dynamic communications industry: marketing and financial analysis; corporate strategy; operations management; communication strategies; change management; achieving optimal business results from multicultural teams; and leading innovation.

The core objectives of the Executive Leadership Development Program at Darden are as follows:

  • Deepen understanding of the changing strategic and market context in the communications industry in an increasingly global and competitive environment
  • Develop an enterprise-wide perspective anchored in the overall business and the inter-connections of the functional business areas such as financial management, marketing and strategic talent alignment
  • Enhance participants' capacities to convert strategy into action
  • Cultivate a learning mindset that drives innovation
  • Introduce the competencies needed to grow and sustain high-performing diverse teams that span organizational, cultural, and ideological spectra
  • Nurture visionary and transformational leadership

Finally, with the help of leading-edge assessment tools supported by certified professional interpretation and coaching, participants will spend time in guided examination of their strengths and development opportunities, how to leverage emotional intelligence, and the unique rapport that executives of color have with Power-acquiring it; using it wisely; comprehending it in all its cultural and organizational complexity.

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