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NAMIC Research

NAMIC Employment Research

Launched by NAMIC in 1999, A Look Toward Advancement: Multi-ethnic Employment in the Communications Industry, was the first comprehensive research of its kind to benchmark the state of diversity in the cable telecommunications industry. The findings constituted a baseline of statistics and perceptions about the state of multi-ethnic diversity in the industry. NAMIC's signature Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP), now with over 400 industry alumni, was one of the key outcomes of the 1999 initiative.

WICT PAR Initiative

In 2011, with a generous grant from the Walter Kaitz Foundation, the newly reconstituted NAMIC AIM (Advancement Investment Measurement) merged with the WICT PAR (Pay equity, Advancement opportunities and Resources) Initiative, to create a joint benchmarking survey to gauge gender and ethnic diversity. Companies were able to reduce the time and work involved in providing the data that ultimately would generate the insights to strengthen their strategies for workforce diversity and inclusion.

Because of the success of this first joint effort, NAMIC and WICT–again with the support from the Walter Kaitz Foundation–engaged Mercer, a leading global consultant on human capital issues, to conduct the joint survey. The 2013 joint survey allowed, for the first time, analysis of the diversity data that takes into account geographical distinctions across the industry landscape.

The results of the 2013 joint survey were recently presented by WICT and NAMIC during a Town Hall Meeting on October 8, 2013 in New York City as part of Cable Diversity Week.


Click here to access the 2013 NAMIC AIM Survey Results.


Click here to view the webinar hosted by Mercer on April 25th to provide information about the survey process, review the overall survey format, and answer questions about this important initiative. 

Underwritten by Walter Kaitz Foundation


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Click here to access the 2011 NAMIC AIM Report (PDF).

Click here to access a pdf of the 2011 NAMIC AIM Executive Summary (PDF).


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